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Protestors at the 1999 World Trade Organization counter protest in Seattle, WA march down a street holding signs.

The APEC Ministers will be holding their Third Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM3) in Seattle this July-August. Help us kick off their meetings by highlighting the struggles and resistance of workers, migrants, and many others in the face of corporate-government collusion!

Wherever APEC goes, the people fight back!!


Did you miss the
Peoples' Summit? 

You can still watch the livestreams on Washington Fair Trade Council Facebook page or the ILPS Seattle-Tacoma Instagram!

July 30 2023 - APEC & IPEF = $$$ for Big Biz & Crisis for People & Planet Banner - Bea.jpg

We're not done yet!

Attendees at the Peoples' Summit wrote a Unity Statement - emphasizing the impact of Free Trade agreements on workers, migrants, women and the planet!

"We, the attendees of the Seattle anti-APEC Peoples’ Summit, declare that people’s needs and all-around sustaining of the environment take precedence over corporate profit! This Summit was a showcase for possible alternatives to the free trade system that informs APEC, IPEF and all other profit-oriented institutions. We are building a grassroots people power that will challenge business-as-usual for big business!"

Read more below - and join us in fighting back against APEC, IPEF and all for-profit schemes!

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