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Seattle protestors at the 2023 May Day Parade hold a banner that says "Unite Working People! Down with APEC! PNW People over Profit"

Donate to PNW-POP's Peoples' Summit!

Help us organize the people's summit against the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)!


There have been many people's mobilizations against free trade and these neoliberal schemes; and now it's our turn. APEC is coming to Seattle this August and we want to bring together an international, anti-imperialist coalition of cross-sector organizations to educate and mobilize against APEC specifically, and imperialist oppression generally. We reject APEC and are instead building a people's vision for the future, where our jobs, workers' rights, and environmental needs are upheld and sustained.


All of your donations will go directly to funding these efforts. Donations will fund the counter-summit venue, mobilization needs for our day-of protest, and educational materials for both the counter-summit itself and our monthly lead-up events. We appreciate your contribution, as it will supply us with the signage, zines, gas money, food, and shelter we need to pull off this undertaking. 


Thank you for your solidarity!

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