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Protestors in Manila, Philippines hold up a sign that says "No to US Imperialism"


PNW People over Profit is a coalition of labor, climate justice, anti-war, human rights and community organizations who are committed to confronting APEC during their meetings in Seattle and beyond. Since these meetings happen behind closed doors, we are ensuring that demands for worker-centered, climate-friendly trade policy are front-and-center during the Seattle APEC ministerial meetings. We want to bring together an international, anti-imperialist coalition of cross-sector organizations to educate and mobilize against IPEF and APEC specifically, and neoliberal and imperialist oppression generally.

Why are we protesting APEC?

APEC is an intergovernmental forum with the purpose of preserving the neoliberal status quo and serving state and corporate interests. These seminal rounds of talks will have a massive impact on jobs, wages, labor rights, climate action, consumer privacy and monopoly power both at home and abroad for decades to come.


APEC represents one of many neoliberal institutions under imperialism that promote attacks on the working class while propping up mechanisms for corporate and ruling class profiteering. The APEC round, like those before it, will specifically be focusing on a trade deal created to preserve U.S. corporate interests and hegemony in the Asia Pacific region against China.


The press release announcing Seattle as the location for this crucial meeting specifically referenced it being chosen because it is the home to so many big corporations and lobby groups — such as Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing and others.


We are organizing to ensure that large numbers of working people, climate activists and others are shining a spotlight on the Seattle APEC meetings to ensure that corporate lobbyists don’t get their way as they discuss agreements on women, the economy and the upcoming Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). 

PNW PEOPLE OVER PROFIT - Steering Committee

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MLK Labor

American Party of Labor

SURJ PDX Indigenous Solidarity Action Group

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OWLS - Organized Worker’s for Labor Solidarity 

Seattle DSA

Black Star Farmers

Capybara Colectiva

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ILWU Washington District Council

Showing Up for Racial Justice - Portland chapter

Students United for Palestinian Equality & Return UW

Pierce County Labor

Extinction Rebellion PDX

ICHRP Seattle


ICHRP Seattle

Resist US-Led War Seattle

Anakbayan UW

350 Seattle

Seattle Raging Grannies

Interim Revolutionary Feminist Committee - Pacific Northwest Chapter

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