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APEC is here in Seattle!

Join us to defend the rights of workers, women, migrants, and our planet!

We are organizing to ensure that large numbers of working people, climate activists and others are shining a spotlight on the Seattle APEC meetings to ensure that corporate lobbyists don’t get their way as they discuss agreements on women, the economy and the upcoming Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF). 

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Neoliberalism might seem like a big concept - but its impacts are present in our day to day life. PNW-POP is breaking down different aspects of Neoliberalism to show how groups like APEC and Trade Agreements between countries uphold neoliberal policies - and
how that impacts us.


We're not done yet!

APEC's meetings continue throughout 2023 and so does our fight to defend women, migrants and workers! 

Join the planning for the National No to APEC coalition that is planning to confront APEC during the heads of state meetings this November in San Francisco!

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